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Booking–Venues and House Concerts:
myles (at) timthompsonguitar (dot) com – 615-403-7569

Booking–Festivals and School Residencies:
tim (at) timthompsonguitar (dot) com

Fiddle or Mandolin Skype Lessons:
myles (at) timthompsonguitar (dot) com

Guitar Skype Lessons:
tim (at) timthompsonguitar (dot) com

PR with Joy
joy (at) hiddengiantmusic (dot) com

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  1. Hey Kent, sorry for the delay. I don’t check this is often as I need to. Anyhow, I use Elixir regular Light Nano Web. I change the low E (53) to a 56. Thanks for watching. Take care

  2. Saw you last night in Jamestown, ND at concert sponsored by Masonic Lodge. I think Aaron should have been opening for you. Haven’t heard sound like that for years you were great. Come back to Jamestown soon.
    I belong to the Masonic Lodge in Jamestown and want to thank you for appearing here.

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